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Better Engagement by Better Progress and Performance Reviews

The gift of personal time, the most powerful element of a one2one review

Southampton, England. Business Improvement Consultants, Broxburn Drive Limited, one2onetracker: Release 6 Cloud Power: Evidencing individual team leader performance

 Routine progress review meetings now include new user defined content, links to SharePoint documents and a more reports to illuminate what is really going on.

Evidenced alignment of individual objectives with strategy, together with a mutually agreed record of all routine reviews; can now be delivered at new levels of detail and consistency.

 one2onetracker is a simple process of systematic objective setting, structured discussion, feedback and agreed record keeping. Its framework of conversations helps managers ensure employee engagement becomes less of a drama and more of a drum beat process.  Because what gets recorded gets measured; what gets measured gets managed.

“Introducing and using one2onetracker has helped bring clarity to roles and responsibilities whilst keeping people focussed on their objectives”, said Keith Heslop; Operations Director, Cerulean.“It has allowed management to engage more effectively with staff and encouraged two way discussions; helping both management and staff alike to develop and improve performance.Top level tracking with its reporting tools ensures all personnel are having regular meaningful dialogue with their line management”.

Mike Bennett, Founder and CEO of one2onetracker said “The quality of employee engagement is invariably a consequence of the organisations management team competences, behaviours and people skills.

It is essential that every manager has the ability to set clear mutually agreed objectives, provide regular honest feedback on progress and performance; and act a as role model of behaviours, attitudes and personal responsibilities. Engagement with the many cannot succeed without the competence of the few,

However some managers never started out in the world of work to be a manager; eventually many find themselves managing challenges that are simply beyond their ability. Managers operating outside their comfort zone start to question their self-worth and contribution; they look inwards for their own survival.

one2onetracker has designed a process that not only supports personal development initiatives but also can identify team leaders that may need some help. By merging progress reviews of personal development objectives with operation progress reviews, a safer arena can be created for a balanced set of conversations about events that have delighted or disappointed”.

Specialist low cost intuitive cloud based performance enhancing secure software, not bloatware; that engages and supports everyone’s personal development.

The one2onetracker service can be provided free of charge to Registered Charitable Organisations.


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