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My Performance Review.. Just make your numbers!?

Do People shape the Numbers: or do Numbers shape the People?
What comes first the people; or the process?

It is not uncommon for organisations to make huge investment in processes to produce historical, current and future management information “numbers”; because numbers tell you what’s really going on. People are often set one overarching task in their performance review; “just make your numbers”

Why is this; when all of these “numbers” are a consequence? a consequence of the people actions, or inactions.

Employee EngagementWhy do some organisations invest millions in new technology and machines but only thousands on the people who individually determine the effective and efficient output from this new investment? Could it be that creators of this culture believe people are components of the process; rather than owners of the process?

Perhaps the most effective goal for leaders should be “make your people the best they can be” rather than “make your numbers”

As the output of the whole is a summation of the parts it is common sense to have a plan to support, and develop each person. Investment that will make everyone the best they can be will invariably produce the best return.

Therefore it may also be there is only one consistent point of difference between organisations; it’s their investment in people. Their behaviour, attitude, competence, commitment and energy define the customer experience at every level.

In short the answer is like life itself, it’s simple, just not easy……it’s the people.

With organisational activity safely distributed across all individuals; teams can then fly in formation, confident that they are doing the right thing, the right way.

When flying in formation it is always a good idea to have a plan and a a performance review process; …….and some pilots; the best pilots you can find.

Mike Bennett
Founder & Principal Partner Broxburn Drive
We change Organisational Performance by improving Strategic Direction, Brand and Culture, Process and People.

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