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Performance Review! Dark Dangerous Words.

Team Leaders; Being the best they can be; and able to help others to be the best they can be.

Creating the habit of team member performance measurement and feedback is one of the greatest challenges team leaders face during their career. It means they have to manage and develop people not like them; perhaps even people they would not want to socialise with.

If as a team leader you are a great communicator it is possible that you are better at talking than organising; your meetings with your team members rarely seem to deliver what was expected.

If you have technical, or organisational skills, much of what interests you may well be making sure the process, output and quality are right; engaging difficult team members about poor behaviour usually runs a poor third in the “what must be done today” list.

We all come with gifts and curses of behaviour, attitude and competence; gifts should be maximised, curses minimised. Role model performance by team leaders is key to creating a daily landscape where it is easier for people to be the best they can be.

Employee EngagementOrganisational failure usually begins with an inability to Change the Peoples performance or an unwillingness to Change the People; particularly those that are members of the leadership group.

Unless senior team leaders have regular reviews with their direct report team leaders how will they know whether these people are meeting the performance standards expected? In fact do they know what these standards are?

A regular, routine and consistent review every 4 to 6 weeks is the communication framework that enables ever improving performance. This gift of uninterrupted one to one time by the team leader delivers Maslow’s needs to all team members, and lays the foundation of mutual trust and respect.

Everybody who presents themselves everyday at a work place, ready to help and work is entitled to be well led and well managed. Responsibilities that include structured engagement; not a chat, or catch up disguised as a meeting.

Unfortunately in too many organisations being an excellent specialist; well-liked by colleagues, is enough to be appointed as team leader. But invariably they are unable to help their team members to be the best they can be; the people stuff is just too hard for them. Their self esteem declines; the team members are denied their entitlement.

How can some team leaders be helped to overcome this regular challenge to their self esteem; and make performance reviews balance with good and disappointing feedback?

Mike Bennett
Founder & Principal Partner Broxburn Drive
We change Organisational Performance by improving Strategic Direction, Brand and Culture, Process and People.

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