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Performance Measurement: Flying in formation

Team Membership; Who decides and How is it decided? Answer; Team Leaders and Performance Management

Over 1000’s of years people have selected places to live that are safe, sustainable and comfortable. Now that is possible in many places, other criteria have been identified; particularly in the workplace.

By plagiarising Maslow we know people need to feel Safe; “have I a got a job?” Secure; “will it last?” Valued; “have you remembered my name?” Involved; “Why don’t you ask me what I think?” and above all Developed; “you will show me how to do that….won’t you?”

Leadership MeetingSuccessful organisations create a landscape where people want live. The needs identified by Maslow become the framework from which the resident society writes it own Rules of the House; a flight plan that allows us to fly in formation.

It is not hard for people, when asked, to clearly articulate the things that stop them being the best they can be; it is nearly always the actions, or inactions, of others. That is people who do not live by the Rules of the House, or people who lack the confidence, or competence, to discharge their unique responsibilities.

So the first challenge of maintaining the landscape is identified; who will deal with the people that break rules. People who demean others, sulk, are late, demanding, and inconsiderate. But also who will recognise those performing beyond expectation, helping others and being an ambassador for the values that underpin the rules?

Who will review the competence, behaviour, attitude, relationship skills of individual team members as they engage with the plan for the day? Who will give them feedback on their daily contribution….or lack of it. Who will help change them to be the best they can be be….or change them.

Historically society creates a hierarchy of people who seem to be equipped with the skills necessary to facilitate people working together; today we call them the leadership and management team.

These are the people responsible for creating and maintaining the flight plan. The plan that ensures all the people fly in formation to a common destination; without bumping into each other, without falling behind and out of communication. What are the skills necessary for every “Pilot” to communicate the route and reason? Perhaps “Performance Manage” the listeners?

Mike Bennett
Founder & Principal Partner Broxburn Drive
We change Organisational Performance by improving Strategic Direction, Brand and Culture, Process and People.

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